[arm,testsuite] Fix -march tests in effective target checks auto-generation

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  • [arm,testsuite] Fix -march tests in effective target checks auto-generation
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Kyrill Tkachov Jan. 17, 2018, 4:24 p.m.
Hi all,

There is a typo in the armv8.1-a and armv8.2-a effective target check generators.
They are not actually used anywhere in the testsuite as far as I can tell, but the fix is obvious.

Committing to trunk.

2018-01-17  Kyrylo Tkachov  <kyrylo.tkachov@arm.com>

     * lib/target-supports.exp: Fix -march arguments in arm arch effective
     target check autogenerator for armv8.1-a and armv8.2-a.


diff --git a/gcc/testsuite/lib/target-supports.exp b/gcc/testsuite/lib/target-supports.exp
index 409e1aa3b828ca6ceac1ee4c16252bc8ad03c76a..4095f6386b19d601ffd345922b14e015565a2462 100644
--- a/gcc/testsuite/lib/target-supports.exp
+++ b/gcc/testsuite/lib/target-supports.exp
@@ -4108,8 +4108,8 @@  foreach { armfunc armflag armdefs } {
 	v7ve "-march=armv7ve -marm"
 	v8a "-march=armv8-a" __ARM_ARCH_8A__
-	v8_1a "-march=armv8.1a" __ARM_ARCH_8A__
-	v8_2a "-march=armv8.2a" __ARM_ARCH_8A__
+	v8_1a "-march=armv8.1-a" __ARM_ARCH_8A__
+	v8_2a "-march=armv8.2-a" __ARM_ARCH_8A__
 	v8m_base "-march=armv8-m.base -mthumb -mfloat-abi=soft"
 	v8m_main "-march=armv8-m.main -mthumb" __ARM_ARCH_8M_MAIN__