readelf -w and --debug-dump option help

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  • readelf -w and --debug-dump option help
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Libor Bukata via Binutils May 27, 2021, 1:29 a.m.
'o' and 'O' needed swapping, and 'g' moving.

	* readelf (usage): Order -w letters to match --debug-dump= and
	move common '=' for --debug-dump out of brackets.

Alan Modra
Australia Development Lab, IBM


diff --git a/binutils/readelf.c b/binutils/readelf.c
index 8f24cc4071b..a6ed24c03bd 100644
--- a/binutils/readelf.c
+++ b/binutils/readelf.c
@@ -4653,11 +4653,10 @@  usage (FILE * stream)
   -R --relocated-dump=<number|name>\n\
                          Dump the contents of section <number|name> as relocated bytes\n\
   -z --decompress        Decompress section before dumping it\n\
-  -w[lLiaprmfFsoORtUuTgAc] or\n\
-  --debug-dump[=rawline,=decodedline,=info,=abbrev,=pubnames,=aranges,=macro,=frames,\n\
-               =frames-interp,=str,=str-offsets,=loc,=Ranges,=pubtypes,\n\
-               =gdb_index,=trace_info,=trace_abbrev,=trace_aranges,\n\
-               =addr,=cu_index]\n\
+  -w[lLiaprmfFsOoRtgUuTAc] or\n\
+  --debug-dump=[rawline,decodedline,info,abbrev,pubnames,aranges,macro,frames,\n\
+                frames-interp,str,str-offsets,loc,Ranges,pubtypes,gdb_index,\n\
+                trace_info,trace_abbrev,trace_aranges,addr,cu_index]\n\
                          Display the contents of DWARF debug sections\n\
   -wk,--debug-dump=links Display the contents of sections that link to separate debuginfo files\n\
   -P,--process-links     Display the contents of non-debug sections in separate debuginfo files.  (Implies -wK)\n"));