[00/12] x86: various improvements

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  • x86: various improvements
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Jan Beulich May 30, 2018, 2:38 p.m.
In particular, a lot of template folding. But some of the then available infrastructure
also allows to fix a couple of bugs. Not all of patches are tightly coupled together,
but I'm afraid they need to be applied strictly in the order given.

01: fold MOV to/from segment register templates
02: fold various AVX512VL templates into their AVX512F counterparts
03: fold various AVX512CD templates
04: fold various AVX512BW templates
05: fold various AVX512DQ templates
06: fold various AVX512* templates
07: fold VFPCLASSP{D,S} templates
08: fold narrowing VCVT* templates
09: correct AVX512F vcvtsi2s{d,s} handling
10: drop CpuVREX
11: don't abort() upon DATA16 prefix on (E)VEX encoded insn
12: correct permitted operand sizes for AVX512 scatter/gather