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DJ Delorie July 20, 2018, 2 a.m.
This has been a long time coming, but as most of you know I've changed
groups at Red Hat and my new duties don't give me the time or focus I
used to have for all my various upstream maintainerships.  To be fair
to the community, I'm making this change official by stepping down
from the ones I can no longer give sufficient attention to:

build machinery

I'm recommending Sebastian Perta <> for the
Renesas targets (m32c, rx, rl78, v850) and Jozef Lawrynowicz
<> for the TI target (msp430), if they so

I'll keep my DJGPP-related maintainerships of course :-)

Specific patches to MAINAINERS attached.

Reply-to set to me due to cross-posting.


	* MAINTAINERS (m32c, msp43, rl78, libiberty, build): Remove myself
	as maintainer.


--- MAINTAINERS	(revision 262891)
+++ MAINTAINERS	(working copy)
@@ -67,38 +67,35 @@  hppa port		John David Anglin	<dave.angli
 i386 port		Jan Hubicka		<>
 i386 port		Uros Bizjak		<>
 i386 vector ISA extns	Kirill Yukhin		<>
 ia64 port		Jim Wilson		<>
 iq2000 port		Nick Clifton		<>
 lm32 port		Sebastien Bourdeauducq	<>
-m32c port		DJ Delorie		<>
 m32r port		Nick Clifton		<>
 m68k port (?)		Jeff Law		<>
 m68k port		Andreas Schwab		<>
 m68k-motorola-sysv port	Philippe De Muyter	<>
 mcore port		Nick Clifton		<>
 microblaze		Michael Eager		<>
 mips port		Matthew Fortune		<>
 mmix port		Hans-Peter Nilsson	<>
 mn10300 port		Jeff Law		<>
 mn10300 port		Alexandre Oliva		<>
 moxie port		Anthony Green		<>
-msp430 port		DJ Delorie		<>
 msp430 port		Nick Clifton		<>
 nds32 port		Chung-Ju Wu		<>
 nds32 port		Shiva Chen		<>
 nios2 port		Chung-Lin Tang		<>
 nios2 port		Sandra Loosemore	<>
 nvptx port		Tom de Vries		<>
 pdp11 port		Paul Koning		<>
 powerpcspe port		Andrew Jenner		<>
 riscv port		Kito Cheng		<>
 riscv port		Palmer Dabbelt		<>
 riscv port		Andrew Waterman		<>
 riscv port		Jim Wilson		<>
-rl78 port		DJ Delorie		<>
 rs6000/powerpc port	David Edelsohn		<>
 rs6000/powerpc port	Segher Boessenkool	<>
 rs6000 vector extns	Aldy Hernandez		<>
 rx port			Nick Clifton		<>
 s390 port		Hartmut Penner		<>
 s390 port		Ulrich Weigand		<>
@@ -162,13 +159,12 @@  libcpp			All C and C++ front end maintai
 libcpp			David Malcolm		<>
 fp-bit			Ian Lance Taylor	<>
 libdecnumber		Ben Elliston		<>
 libgcc			Ian Lance Taylor	<>
 libgo			Ian Lance Taylor	<>
 libgomp			Jakub Jelinek		<>
-libiberty		DJ Delorie		<>
 libiberty		Ian Lance Taylor	<>
 libitm			Torvald Riegel		<>
 libobjc			Nicola Pero		<>
 libobjc			Andrew Pinski		<>
 libquadmath		Tobias Burnus		<>
 libquadmath		Jakub Jelinek		<>
@@ -206,13 +202,12 @@  web pages		Gerald Pfeifer		<gerald@pfeif
 config.sub/config.guess	Ben Elliston		<>
 i18n			Philipp Thomas		<>
 i18n			Joseph Myers		<>
 diagnostic messages	Dodji Seketeli		<>
 diagnostic messages	David Malcolm		<>
 build machinery (*.in)	Paolo Bonzini		<>
-build machinery (*.in)	DJ Delorie		<>
 build machinery (*.in)	Nathanael Nerode	<>
 build machinery (*.in)	Alexandre Oliva		<>
 build machinery (*.in)	Ralf Wildenhues		<>
 docs co-maintainer	Gerald Pfeifer		<>
 docs co-maintainer	Joseph Myers		<>
 docs co-maintainer	Sandra Loosemore	<>

	* MAINTAINERS (RL78, RX): Remove myself as maintainer.

diff --git a/binutils/MAINTAINERS b/binutils/MAINTAINERS
index 8a1b152..5b3a6c8 100644
--- a/binutils/MAINTAINERS
+++ b/binutils/MAINTAINERS
@@ -119,8 +119,6 @@  responsibility among the other maintainers.
   PPC vector ext   Aldy Hernandez <>
   RISC-V           Palmer Dabbelt <>
   RISC-V           Andrew Waterman <> 
-  RL78             DJ Delorie <>
-  RX               DJ Delorie <>
   RX               Nick Clifton <>
   s390, s390x	   Martin Schwidefsky <>
   s390, s390x	   Andreas Krebbel <>

	* MAINTAINERS (rl78, m32c, rx, v850): Remove myself as maintainer.

diff --git a/sim/MAINTAINERS b/sim/MAINTAINERS
index 62887d4..62afde5 100644
@@ -21,29 +21,29 @@  cr16	        M R Swami Reddy <>
 frv		Dave Brolley <>
 igen		(igen simulators)
 lm32		Jon Beniston <>
-rl78		DJ Delorie <>
-m32c		DJ Delorie <>
 m32r		Doug Evans <>
 m68hc11		Stephane Carrez <>
 microblaze	Michael Eager <>
 mips		Maciej W. Rozycki <>
 moxie		Anthony Green <>
 msp430		Nick Clifton <>
-rx		DJ Delorie <>
 sh		(global maintainers)
 sh64		Dave Brolley <>
 common		Frank Ch. Eigler <>
 *		(target, then global maintainers)
 	Authorized committers for particular sims:
-v850		DJ Delorie <>
 *		Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
 	Past sim maintainers:
 common		Ben Elliston <>
+m32c		DJ Delorie <>
 mips		Andrew Cagney <>
 mips		Chris Demetriou <>
 mips		Thiemo Seufer <>
 ppc		Geoff Keating <>
 ppc		Andrew Cagney <>
+rl78		DJ Delorie <>
+rx		DJ Delorie <>
+v850		DJ Delorie <>


diff --git a/newlib/MAINTAINERS b/newlib/MAINTAINERS
index fe431cc..48cd037 100644
--- a/newlib/MAINTAINERS
+++ b/newlib/MAINTAINERS
@@ -36,15 +36,12 @@  well as cpu-specific portions of the build system, without approval.
 arm                     Nick Clifton  
 			Richard Earnshaw
-m32c port		DJ Delorie
 mn10300			Nick Clifton
 moxie			Anthony Green
 risc-v			Kito Cheng
-rl78			DJ Delorie
 aarch64			Richard Earnshaw
 			Marcus Shawcroft
-msp430			DJ Delorie
-			Nick Clifton
+msp430			Nick Clifton
 			OS Port Maintainers	(OS alphabetical order)