gas eqv-dot test fails

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  • gas eqv-dot test fails
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H.J. Lu via Binutils July 1, 2020, 12:41 a.m.
* testsuite/gas/all/eqv-dot.d: xfail targets that set linkrelax
	in data sections, and mep.

Alan Modra
Australia Development Lab, IBM


diff --git a/gas/testsuite/gas/all/eqv-dot.d b/gas/testsuite/gas/all/eqv-dot.d
index 15138a8cfc..fc40b09f21 100644
--- a/gas/testsuite/gas/all/eqv-dot.d
+++ b/gas/testsuite/gas/all/eqv-dot.d
@@ -2,7 +2,10 @@ 
 #name: eqv involving dot
 # bfin doesn't support 'symbol = expression'
 # tic30 and tic4x have 4 octets per byte, tic54x has 2 octets per byte
-#notarget: bfin-*-* *c30-*-* *c4x-*-* *c54x-*-* mn10300-*-*
+#notarget: bfin-*-* *c30-*-* *c4x-*-* *c54x-*-*
+# linkrelax targets don't handle equivalence expressions well (nor any
+# other forward expression).  mep uses complex relocs
+#xfail: am33_2.0-*-* crx-*-* h8300-*-* mn10200-*-* mn10300-*-* mep-*-*
 .*: .*