[Ada] Minor cleanup in Expand_Call_Helper

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  • [Ada] Minor cleanup in Expand_Call_Helper
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Pierre-Marie de Rodat June 18, 2020, 9:13 a.m.
This makes a couple of changes in the code dealing with a call to a
derived subprogram: first, it removes useless calls to Relocate_Node
before calls to OK_Convert_To and Unchecked_Convert_To (these functions
already call Relocate_Node on their second operand) and merge calls to
Analyze and Resolve; second, it removes the generation of a potential
range check for the actual against the formal's type of the derived
subprogram after the conversion (and thus a potential range check)
to the formal's type of the parent subprogram, which does not seem
to serve any useful purpose.

No functional changes.

Tested on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, committed on trunk

2020-06-18  Eric Botcazou  <ebotcazou@adacore.com>


	* exp_ch6.adb (Expand_Call_Helper): Remove superfluous calls
	to Relocate_Node and merge calls to Analyze and Resolve in a
	couple of places.  Do not attempt to generate a range check
	for an actual parameter against the formal's type of a derived
	subprogram after generating a conversion to the formal's type
	of the parent subprogram.


--- gcc/ada/exp_ch6.adb
+++ gcc/ada/exp_ch6.adb
@@ -4666,9 +4666,8 @@  package body Exp_Ch6 is
                procedure Convert (Act : Node_Id; Typ : Entity_Id) is
-                  Rewrite (Act, OK_Convert_To (Typ, Relocate_Node (Act)));
-                  Analyze (Act);
-                  Resolve (Act, Typ);
+                  Rewrite (Act, OK_Convert_To (Typ, Act));
+                  Analyze_And_Resolve (Act, Typ);
                end Convert;
                --  Local variables
@@ -4686,8 +4685,8 @@  package body Exp_Ch6 is
                   Formal_Typ := Etype (Formal);
                   Parent_Typ := Etype (Parent_Formal);
-                  --  For an IN parameter of a scalar type, the parent formal
-                  --  type and derived formal type differ or the parent formal
+                  --  For an IN parameter of a scalar type, the derived formal
+                  --  type and parent formal type differ, and the parent formal
                   --  type and actual type do not match statically.
                   if Is_Scalar_Type (Formal_Typ)
@@ -4698,15 +4697,6 @@  package body Exp_Ch6 is
                     and then not Raises_Constraint_Error (Actual)
                      Convert (Actual, Parent_Typ);
-                     Enable_Range_Check (Actual);
-                     --  If the actual has been marked as requiring a range
-                     --  check, then generate it here.
-                     if Do_Range_Check (Actual) then
-                        Generate_Range_Check
-                          (Actual, Etype (Formal), CE_Range_Check_Failed);
-                     end if;
                   --  For access types, the parent formal type and actual type
                   --  differ.
@@ -4728,10 +4718,8 @@  package body Exp_Ch6 is
                         --  inlined.
                         Rewrite (Actual,
-                          Unchecked_Convert_To (Parent_Typ,
-                            Relocate_Node (Actual)));
-                        Analyze (Actual);
-                        Resolve (Actual, Parent_Typ);
+                          Unchecked_Convert_To (Parent_Typ, Actual));
+                        Analyze_And_Resolve (Actual, Parent_Typ);
                      end if;
                   --  If there is a change of representation, then generate a