Fix scaling in update_profiling_info

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  • Fix scaling in update_profiling_info
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Jan Hubicka Nov. 28, 2019, 12:33 p.m.

This patch fixes scaling in update_profiling_info. My understanding is that
there is orig_node and new_node which have some counts that comes from cloning
but real distribution of execution counts is determined by counting callers to
new clone.  This is new_sum.  We thus want to scale orig_node to
orig_node->count-new_sum and new_node to new_sum.

Code seems to miss initialization of new_sum and updating of indirect calls.
Also i do not see why new_node->count and orig_node->count are same (because
orig_node can be updated multiple times) and thus I added code to save original
new_node->count so scaling can be done properly.

proiflebootstrapped/regtested x86_64. Martin, I would like you to take a look
on this.


	* ipa-cp.c (update_profiling_info): Fix scaling.


Index: ipa-cp.c
--- ipa-cp.c	(revision 278778)
+++ ipa-cp.c	(working copy)
@@ -4091,6 +4091,7 @@  update_profiling_info (struct cgraph_nod
   struct caller_statistics stats;
   profile_count new_sum, orig_sum;
   profile_count remainder, orig_node_count = orig_node->count;
+  profile_count orig_new_node_count = new_node->count;
   if (!(orig_node_count.ipa () > profile_count::zero ()))
@@ -4128,15 +4129,20 @@  update_profiling_info (struct cgraph_nod
   remainder = orig_node_count.combine_with_ipa_count (orig_node_count.ipa ()
 						      - new_sum.ipa ());
   new_sum = orig_node_count.combine_with_ipa_count (new_sum);
+  new_node->count = new_sum;
   orig_node->count = remainder;
-  profile_count::adjust_for_ipa_scaling (&new_sum, &orig_node_count);
+  profile_count::adjust_for_ipa_scaling (&new_sum, &orig_new_node_count);
   for (cs = new_node->callees; cs; cs = cs->next_callee)
-    cs->count = cs->count.apply_scale (new_sum, orig_node_count);
+    cs->count = cs->count.apply_scale (new_sum, orig_new_node_count);
+  for (cs = new_node->indirect_calls; cs; cs = cs->next_callee)
+    cs->count = cs->count.apply_scale (new_sum, orig_new_node_count);
   profile_count::adjust_for_ipa_scaling (&remainder, &orig_node_count);
   for (cs = orig_node->callees; cs; cs = cs->next_callee)
     cs->count = cs->count.apply_scale (remainder, orig_node_count);
+  for (cs = orig_node->indirect_calls; cs; cs = cs->next_callee)
+    cs->count = cs->count.apply_scale (remainder, orig_node_count);
   if (dump_file)
     dump_profile_updates (orig_node, new_node);