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Alan Modra Oct. 21, 2019, 6:16 a.m.
This patch extends "ar P" to allow creation of normal (as distinct
from thin) archives with full path names.

	PR 452
	PR 25104
	* archive.c (normalize): Return file unchanged when
	(_bfd_construct_extended_name_table): Pass abfd, the output
	bfd, to normalize.
	(_bfd_archive_bsd44_construct_extended_name_table): Likewise.
	* bfd.c (struct bfd): Make flags a full flagword.
	* bfd-in2.h: Regenerate.
	* ar.c (write_archive): Set BFD_ARCHIVE_FULL_PATH.
	* doc/binutils.texi (extract from archive): Mention
	restrictions when extracting from archives with full paths.
	(ar P): Update to current P support.
	(ar -X32_64): Fix spelling.

Alan Modra
Australia Development Lab, IBM


diff --git a/bfd/archive.c b/bfd/archive.c
index ccc09ad49f..6b7a78ccd9 100644
--- a/bfd/archive.c
+++ b/bfd/archive.c
@@ -1299,6 +1299,9 @@  normalize (bfd *abfd, const char *file)
   const char *last;
   char *copy;
+  if (abfd->flags & BFD_ARCHIVE_FULL_PATH)
+    return file;
   first = file + strlen (file) - 1;
   last = first + 1;
@@ -1326,8 +1329,10 @@  normalize (bfd *abfd, const char *file)
 static const char *
-normalize (bfd *abfd ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED, const char *file)
+normalize (bfd *abfd, const char *file)
+  if (abfd->flags & BFD_ARCHIVE_FULL_PATH)
+    return file;
   return lbasename (file);
@@ -1562,7 +1567,7 @@  _bfd_construct_extended_name_table (bfd *abfd,
-      normal = normalize (current, current->filename);
+      normal = normalize (abfd, current->filename);
       if (normal == NULL)
 	return FALSE;
@@ -1643,7 +1648,7 @@  _bfd_construct_extended_name_table (bfd *abfd,
-	  normal = normalize (current, filename);
+	  normal = normalize (abfd, filename);
 	  if (normal == NULL)
 	    return FALSE;
@@ -1714,7 +1719,7 @@  _bfd_archive_bsd44_construct_extended_name_table (bfd *abfd,
        current != NULL;
        current = current->archive_next)
-      const char *normal = normalize (current, current->filename);
+      const char *normal = normalize (abfd, current->filename);
       int has_space = 0;
       unsigned int len;
diff --git a/bfd/bfd.c b/bfd/bfd.c
index b3078eaa52..94e9f27e9d 100644
--- a/bfd/bfd.c
+++ b/bfd/bfd.c
@@ -92,7 +92,7 @@  CODE_FRAGMENT
 .  ENUM_BITFIELD (bfd_direction) direction : 2;
 .  {* Format_specific flags.  *}
-.  flagword flags : 20;
+.  flagword flags;
 .  {* Values that may appear in the flags field of a BFD.  These also
 .     appear in the object_flags field of the bfd_target structure, where
@@ -179,6 +179,9 @@  CODE_FRAGMENT
 .  {* Use the ELF STT_COMMON type in this BFD.  *}
 .#define BFD_USE_ELF_STT_COMMON  0x80000
+.  {* Put pathnames into archives (non-POSIX).  *}
+.#define BFD_ARCHIVE_FULL_PATH  0x100000
 .  {* Flags bits to be saved in bfd_preserve_save.  *}
 .#define BFD_FLAGS_SAVED \
diff --git a/binutils/ar.c b/binutils/ar.c
index b99afff1c7..38c54c9fa8 100644
--- a/binutils/ar.c
+++ b/binutils/ar.c
@@ -1200,6 +1200,9 @@  write_archive (bfd *iarch)
   if (deterministic)
     obfd->flags |= BFD_DETERMINISTIC_OUTPUT;
+  if (full_pathname)
+    obfd->flags |= BFD_ARCHIVE_FULL_PATH;
   if (make_thin_archive || bfd_is_thin_archive (iarch))
     bfd_set_thin_archive (obfd, TRUE);
diff --git a/binutils/doc/binutils.texi b/binutils/doc/binutils.texi
index 4e10cdcf69..2edd7e1aa1 100644
--- a/binutils/doc/binutils.texi
+++ b/binutils/doc/binutils.texi
@@ -387,7 +387,10 @@  use the @samp{v} modifier with this operation, to request that
 If you do not specify a @var{member}, all files in the archive
 are extracted.
-Files cannot be extracted from a thin archive.
+Files cannot be extracted from a thin archive, and there are
+restrictions on extracting from archives created with @option{P}: The
+paths must not be absolute, may not contain @code{..}, and any
+subdirectories in the paths must exist.
 @end table
 A number of modifiers (@var{mod}) may immediately follow the @var{p}
@@ -463,12 +466,20 @@  Display member offsets inside the archive. Use together with the @samp{t}
 @item P
-Use the full path name when matching names in the archive.  @sc{gnu}
-@command{ar} can not create an archive with a full path name (such archives
-are not POSIX compliant), but other archive creators can.  This option
-will cause @sc{gnu} @command{ar} to match file names using a complete path
-name, which can be convenient when extracting a single file from an
-archive created by another tool.
+Use the full path name when matching or storing names in the archive.
+Archives created with full path names are not POSIX compliant, and
+thus may not work with tools other than up to date @sc{gnu} tools.
+Modifying such archives with @sc{gnu} @command{ar} without using
+@option{P} will remove the full path names unless the archive is a
+thin archive.  Note that @option{P} may be useful when adding files to
+a thin archive since @option{r} without @option{P} ignores the path
+when choosing which element to replace.  Thus
+ar rcST archive.a subdir/file1 subdir/file2 file1
+@end smallexample
+will result in the first @code{subdir/file1} being replaced with
+@code{file1} from the current directory.  Adding @option{P} will
+prevent this replacement.
 @item s
 @cindex writing archive index
@@ -533,7 +544,7 @@  and then exits.
 Displays the version information of @command{ar} and then exits.
 @item -X32_64
-@command{ar} ignores an initial option spelt @samp{-X32_64}, for
+@command{ar} ignores an initial option spelled @samp{-X32_64}, for
 compatibility with AIX.  The behaviour produced by this option is the
 default for @sc{gnu} @command{ar}.  @command{ar} does not support any
 of the other @samp{-X} options; in particular, it does not support