[Ada] Fix inlining of subprograms with deep param/result in GNATprove

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  • [Ada] Fix inlining of subprograms with deep param/result in GNATprove
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Pierre-Marie de Rodat Oct. 10, 2019, 3:29 p.m.
In the special inlining done for GNATprove, subprograms with parameters
or result of deep type (i.e. containing an access type) should not be
inlined. This was the purpose of a previous patch. But this should not
be applied to private types whose completion has SPARK_Mode Off, as
these types are not considered as deep by GNATprove.

There is no impact on compilation, hence no test.

Tested on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, committed on trunk

2019-10-10  Yannick Moy  <moy@adacore.com>


	* inline.adb (Can_Be_Inlined_In_GNATprove_Mode): Do not peek
	under private types whose completion is SPARK_Mode Off.


--- gcc/ada/inline.adb
+++ gcc/ada/inline.adb
@@ -1582,6 +1582,20 @@  package body Inline is
                   if No (Underlying_Type (Typ)) then
                      return True;
+                  --  Do not peek under a private type if its completion has
+                  --  SPARK_Mode Off. In such a case, a deep type is considered
+                  --  by GNATprove to be not deep.
+                  elsif Present (Full_View (Typ))
+                    and then Present (SPARK_Pragma (Full_View (Typ)))
+                    and then Get_SPARK_Mode_From_Annotation
+                      (SPARK_Pragma (Full_View (Typ))) = Off
+                  then
+                     return False;
+                  --  Otherwise peek under the private type.
                      return Is_Deep (Underlying_Type (Typ));
                   end if;