[v4,18/35] libctf: teach ctf_add_type how forwards work

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Nick Alcock Sept. 24, 2019, 1:51 p.m.
This machinery has been broken for as long as Solaris has existed.
Forwards are meant to encode "struct foo;", "enum foo;" or "union
foo;".  Obviously these all exist in distinct namespaces, so forwards
store the type kind they forward to in their ctt_type member
(which makes conceptual sense if you squint at it).  The addition
machinery uses this to promote forwards to the appropriate type as

Unfortunately ctf_add_type does not: it checks the global namespace
(which is always wrong), and so fails with a spurious conflict if you
have, say, a typedef and then a forward comes along with the same name,
even if it's a forward to something like a struct.  (This was observed
with <libio.h>, which has "struct _IO_FILE;" and also
"typedef struct _IO_FILE _IO_FILE").  We should look at the recorded
type kind and look in the appropriate namespace.   We should also,
when creating the forward in the new container, use that type kind,
rather than just defaulting to CTF_K_STRUCT and hoping that what
eventually comes along is a struct.

This bug is as old as the first implementation of ctf_add_type in
Solaris.  But we also want a new feature for the linker, closely-related
and touching the same code so we add it here: not only do we want a
forward followed by a struct/union/enum to promote the forward, but
we want want a struct/union/enum followed by a forward to act as a NOP
and return the existing type, because when we're adding many files
in succession to a target link, there will often be already-promoted
forwards (in the shape of a struct/union/enum) that want to unify
with duplicate forwards coming from other object files.

	* ctf-create.c (ctf_add_type): Look up and use the forwarded-to
        type kind.  Allow forwards to unify with pre-existing structs/
 libctf/ctf-create.c | 43 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++--------------
 1 file changed, 29 insertions(+), 14 deletions(-)



diff --git a/libctf/ctf-create.c b/libctf/ctf-create.c
index c1cf55fbd24..fc158d4dc24 100644
--- a/libctf/ctf-create.c
+++ b/libctf/ctf-create.c
@@ -1552,7 +1552,7 @@  ctf_add_type (ctf_file_t *dst_fp, ctf_file_t *src_fp, ctf_id_t src_type)
   ctf_id_t tmp;
   const char *name;
-  uint32_t kind, flag, vlen;
+  uint32_t kind, forward_kind, flag, vlen;
   const ctf_type_t *src_tp, *dst_tp;
   ctf_bundle_t src, dst;
@@ -1576,7 +1576,11 @@  ctf_add_type (ctf_file_t *dst_fp, ctf_file_t *src_fp, ctf_id_t src_type)
   flag = LCTF_INFO_ISROOT (src_fp, src_tp->ctt_info);
   vlen = LCTF_INFO_VLEN (src_fp, src_tp->ctt_info);
-  switch (kind)
+  forward_kind = kind;
+  if (kind == CTF_K_FORWARD)
+    forward_kind = src_tp->ctt_type;
+  switch (forward_kind)
     case CTF_K_STRUCT:
       hp = dst_fp->ctf_structs;
@@ -1605,16 +1609,30 @@  ctf_add_type (ctf_file_t *dst_fp, ctf_file_t *src_fp, ctf_id_t src_type)
   /* If an identically named dst_type exists, fail with ECTF_CONFLICT
      unless dst_type is a forward declaration and src_type is a struct,
-     union, or enum (i.e. the definition of the previous forward decl).  */
+     union, or enum (i.e. the definition of the previous forward decl).
-  if (dst_type != CTF_ERR && dst_kind != kind
-      && (dst_kind != CTF_K_FORWARD
-	  || (kind != CTF_K_ENUM && kind != CTF_K_STRUCT
-	      && kind != CTF_K_UNION)))
+     We also allow addition in the opposite order (addition of a forward when a
+     struct, union, or enum already exists), which is a NOP and returns the
+     already-present struct, union, or enum.  */
+  if (dst_type != CTF_ERR && dst_kind != kind)
-      ctf_dprintf ("Conflict for type %s: kinds differ, new: %i; "
-		   "old (ID %lx): %i\n", name, kind, dst_type, dst_kind);
-      return (ctf_set_errno (dst_fp, ECTF_CONFLICT));
+      if (kind == CTF_K_FORWARD
+	  && (dst_kind == CTF_K_ENUM || dst_kind == CTF_K_STRUCT
+	      || dst_kind == CTF_K_UNION))
+	{
+	  ctf_add_type_mapping (src_fp, src_type, dst_fp, dst_type);
+	  return dst_type;
+	}
+      if (dst_kind != CTF_K_FORWARD
+	  || (kind != CTF_K_ENUM && kind != CTF_K_STRUCT
+	      && kind != CTF_K_UNION))
+	{
+	  ctf_dprintf ("Conflict for type %s: kinds differ, new: %i; "
+		       "old (ID %lx): %i\n", name, kind, dst_type, dst_kind);
+	  return (ctf_set_errno (dst_fp, ECTF_CONFLICT));
+	}
   /* We take special action for an integer, float, or slice since it is
@@ -1924,10 +1942,7 @@  ctf_add_type (ctf_file_t *dst_fp, ctf_file_t *src_fp, ctf_id_t src_type)
     case CTF_K_FORWARD:
       if (dst_type == CTF_ERR)
-	{
-	  dst_type = ctf_add_forward (dst_fp, flag,
-				      name, CTF_K_STRUCT); /* Assume STRUCT. */
-	}
+	  dst_type = ctf_add_forward (dst_fp, flag, name, forward_kind);
     case CTF_K_TYPEDEF: