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  • AMD GCN Port v2
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Andrew Stubbs Nov. 16, 2018, 4:27 p.m.
This is a reworked version of the remaining parts of the patch series I
posted on September 5th.  As before, the series contains the
non-OpenACC/OpenMP portions of a port to AMD GCN3 and GCN5 GPU
processors.  It's sufficient to build single-threaded programs, with
vectorization in the usual way.  C and Fortran are supported, C++ is not
supported, and the other front-ends have not been tested.  The
OpenACC/OpenMP/libgomp portion will follow, once this is committed,

Of the original 25 patches, 11 have been committed and 3 have been
dropped (no longer necessary or fixed another way).

There were also 3 patches that needed more work, but don't prevent the
toolchain from building so I've postponed them to be revisited later
(name mangling, vector size switching, elementwise loading).  There will
be some additional test failures until these issues are fixed.

Of the remaining 8 patches, 3 are already approved and are included here
for completeness only.

I've split the back-end patch into three parts to avoid the mailing list
size limit, so now there are 10 patches in this series.

Patch 01/10 is now the only target independent patch remaining.  Without
this the toolchain will not build libgfortran successfully.

The rest are all the various parts of the GCN back-end.

I still haven't got around to writing the documentation, but that can
still be done in time for the release.

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